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[AVING NEWS] DNA Corporation Introduced ADHD BANK in CES 2023 “Facilitating early ADHD

DNA Corporation Introduced ADHD BANK in CES 2023 “Facilitating early ADHD detection and provides per

DNA Corporation (CEO Kyunghwan David Koh) participated in the 'Startup Zone' at the Eureka Park K-STARTUP integrated hall of 'CES 2023' in Las Vegas, USA from January 5 (Thursday) to 8 (Sunday, local time) for a total of 4 days.

DNA Corporation (hereinafter DNA) was founded to take advantage of AI-based DNA data to improve children's lives and the future. With this goal in mind, the startup launched ADHD BANK to facilitate early detection of ADHD and provide personalized diagnosis. The company's vision is to become a leader in shifting the paradigm from traditional diagnostic medicine to futuristic preventive medicine by expanding and adding services going forward.

DNA's ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) genetic test kit ADHD BANK is an AI-based DNA data solution that assists physicians to diagnose and predict ADHD. In 2018, the authoritative journal Nature reported that ADHD shows a high permittivity of 74%, and the compelling genetic characteristics motivated DNA to launch the ADHD BANK service. DNA also obtained a patent on machine learning with a learning algorithm to analyze the latest genetic biomarkers associated with ADHD, which is designed to help ordinary people identify ADHD more easily by rapidly diagnosing ADHD through innovative genomic technology.

According to a representative from DNA, “ADHD is currently being clinically diagnosed by physicians using the DSM-5 criteria and ADHD questionnaire. However, due to the significant shortage of physicians, especially psychiatrists, worldwide, it is difficult for patients with ADHD to receive timely diagnosis and treatment.” They added, “Our innovative technology in combination with clinical approaches is expected to help physicians diagnose difficult cases of ADHD, especially in young children and people with disorders or mental health conditions.”

Furthermore, the ADHD BANK service was recognized for its innovation by receiving the CES 2023 Innovation Award. The year of 2023 is the time when the CES Innovation Award program witnessed a record high with more than 2,100 entries from around the world.

Kyunghwan David Koh, the founder and CEO of DNA, shared his thoughts: “We are honored to receive the CES Innovation Award. I would like to thank all the members who have been together since the launch of the ADHD BANK service and everyone who has supported us. It is my sincere hope that ADHD BANK will bring happiness to more children in the world.”

‘CES’ is the world’s biggest IT trade show and is a place where one can see the direction and trends of the appliance industry of the entire world. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it is held annually in Las Vegas, USA in January. Having reported on CES for 17 consecutive years, AVING News started reporting news of CES to the entire world since 2006, and conducted ‘BEST OF CES’, which chose the most innovative product and technology, and ‘BEST OF MADE IN KOREA, which chose the best innovative company in Korea. In addition, it vividly relayed on-site issues in CES through ‘AVING LIVE’.

The K-STARTUP Joint Pavilion featured joint participation of institutions like the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, Seoul Business Agency, and Seoul Digital Foundation, as well as 51 Korean innovative companies, to enter the US market and discover global partners. In addition, university student supporters of CES 2023 chosen by each university (Kyunghee, Kookmin, Sogang, Chung-Ang) matched to participating companies based on their respective majors and fields of business.

* Special Report Team : Joseph Choe, Kidai Kim, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Joon Suh Lee, Yeawon Choi, Jinnsun Park, Seung Hyun Nam, Min Seok Cha

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